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MARLOW | Gasket | 5056-11

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 Product Description

MARLOW | Gasket | 5056-11

The Marlow 5056-11 Gasket is a crucial component specially designed for the Marlow pool and spa pump systems. Acting as a barrier to prevent leaks, this gasket ensures that your system functions optimally, maintaining an essential part of your relaxing spa or pool experience.

The gasket's main function is to create a tight seal between different sections of the pump. The placement of this part is usually between the pump housing and the impeller, thus preventing water from escaping. 

Considering its critical role, a damaged or worn-out gasket can affect the efficiency of your pool pump, leading to unwanted water leakage.

When it comes to replacement, the Marlow 5056-11 gasket makes the process fairly straightforward. Always make sure to power off and disconnect the pump before starting any maintenance. 

Then, carefully disassemble the necessary parts of the pump to access the existing gasket. Once it's removed, place the new Marlow 5056-11 gasket in the proper position, ensuring it fits snugly. Finally, reassemble the pump, and you're good to go.

For maintenance, it's best to keep a regular check on the gasket's condition. Depending on the usage and water conditions, a gasket might need replacement over time. The use of a Marlow 5056-11 gasket replacement not only ensures the longevity of your pool or spa pump but also enhances its performance.

This is a standard union o-ring and is also used in many other applications.

Remember, the integrity of the Marlow gasket pool and spa system significantly depends on its components, and the Marlow 5056-11 Gasket plays a fundamental part in it.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ensures optimal functionality of Marlow pool and spa pump systems.
  • Acts as an effective barrier to prevent leakage.
  • Designed for easy installation and replacement.
  • Enhances the longevity of your pool or spa pump.
  • Improves the overall performance of your pump system.
  • Made with high-quality material for durability.
  • Easy to maintain and check for any potential issues.
  • Fits snugly, providing a tight seal for efficient operation.
  • It can withstand rigorous and constant use.
  • Reduces the risk of pump damage from water leaks.
  • Aids in efficient water circulation in your pool or spa.
  • Cost-effective solution to prevent expensive pump repairs.
  • Simple design for easy identification and replacement.
  • Compatible with specific Marlow pool and spa pump models.
  • Helps maintain a relaxing and trouble-free pool or spa experience.

Product Specifications

 Part Type




 Union Fitting Application

Inlet Fitting, Pump


Elegante, Elite


Generic, Hydr-O-Dynamic

 Inside Diameter


 Outside Diameter



 Cross References

10-3439, 10-5857, 14-150-1132, 226, 226-7470-10, 2330-036, 29-674, 35-102-1075, 35-102-1367, 35-110-1049, 35-110-1172, 35-185-1214, 35-402-1019, 35-402-1231, 35-402-1327, 35-451-1212, 350099, 354571, 39004000, 410-511, 46824000, 47-0226-03-R, 5019-06, 5056-11, 5093-06A, 5120-22, 5126G, 55-112-1530, 568-225, 6020018, 610377038386, 610377038390, 625974, 700-103, 700103, 722R0500035, 788379787550, 788379787554, 805-0226, 806105129598, 89-185-1004, 89-451-1020, 89-470-1449, 90-423-1049, 92200140, 92200141, 92200250, APCO2314, FF-17-03, HD-1017, O-49, SPG-601-1272, SPX1425Z6, SPX1485B6, U9-226, U9226, WC20-24, WW8050226


Recommended Use/Applications

  • Ideal for Marlow pool and spa pump maintenance.
  • Useful in regular pool or spa cleaning schedules.
  • Best used in routine pump system checks.
  • Recommended when there's noticeable water leakage from the pump.
  • Beneficial for improving the efficiency of older pump models.
  • Applicable for both commercial and residential pool systems.
  • Suitable for preventive pump maintenance schedules.
  • Excellent choice for spa centers focusing on uninterrupted service.
  • Recommended for pools or spas with high usage.
  • Perfect for ensuring a leak-free and smooth-functioning pump system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main function of the Marlow 5056-11 Gasket in my pool and spa pump system? 

The Marlow 5056-11 Gasket acts as a barrier, preventing water leakage in your pump system and ensuring optimal functionality.

How often should I consider a Marlow 5056-11 gasket replacement? 

It's best to inspect the gasket during your regular maintenance checks. If there's noticeable water leakage from the pump, it's likely time for a replacement.

Can I install the Marlow 5056-11 Gasket by myself? 

Yes, the Marlow 5056-11 is designed for easy installation. However, always ensure your pump is powered off and disconnected before starting any maintenance.

Is the Marlow 5056-11 Gasket compatible with other pool and spa pump models? 

The Marlow 5056-11 is specifically designed for certain Marlow pool and spa pump models. Always check your pump's manual to confirm compatibility.

Does the Marlow 5056-11 Gasket improve the performance of my pool or spa pump? 

Absolutely! By preventing water leakage, not only enhances the longevity of your pump but also improves its overall performance.

Frequently Bought Together

Along with the Marlow 5056-11 Gasket, customers often buy the following products to ensure the overall maintenance and optimal performance of their pool and spa pump systems:

  1. Marlow Impeller - A vital component for water circulation, compatible with specific Marlow pump models.
  2. Marlow Pump Housing - Encases the pump components, protecting them from damage and ensuring efficient operation.
  3. Marlow O-Ring Seal - Often used in conjunction with the gasket, this provides additional sealing capabilities, reducing potential leakages further.

Investing in these items together can help maintain your Marlow gasket pool and spa system's longevity and performance, providing you with a relaxing and trouble-free experience.

 Warranty Information

This product has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer

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